Presenter Sign-up

Thank you for your willingness to present in this revisioned flexible conference format for #OTESSA20. Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with our Guidance for Presenters, below.

Due to low levels of interest in synchronous presentations, we have decided that we will only invite asynchronous presentations for #OTESSA20.

Guidance for Asynchronous Presentations

You may also choose to present asynchronously in one (or more) of several formats. Please note your blog post must not be a duplication of your proceeding if you will be publishing a proceeding.

Asynchronous presentations will be blog posts that can embed various media.

We will email presenters a submission form which will allow them to submit a draft post directly to the #OTESSA20 site. We will review each post prior to publishing and will provide light copy-editing. We reserve the right to ask you to revise your post if necessary.

Possible formats

Your blog post might include:

  • An audio podcast;
  • A synchronous webinar or video recorded on your own;
  • A screencast video;
  • A link to a presentation in another format not listed here (Adobe Spark, webpage, etc.);
  • A combination of text and media
  • Ways to engage the audience (e.g., annotations using Hypothesis, collaborative documents, use of #OTESSA20 hashtag on Twitter, etc.)
  • Or feel free to explore other innovative and imaginative presentations of your ideas!

Follow accessibility guidelines for web content

  • Using heading levels (h1, h2, etc) instead of bold or italic text,
  • Ensure high contrast between text and the background
  • For synchronous sessions or video, please provide an oral description of visual content as you proceed through your presentation
  • Provide alternative text to describe images
  • Provide a transcript for audio or video presentations (we can help with this process through an upload to YouTube)
  • Provide clear captions and attributions for all images;

General guidelines

  • Use a featured image;
  • Ensure that all images that you use were created by you or that they are licensed for reuse;
  • Consider privacy laws in your province, state, or country as it pertains to uploading personal information to cloud-based services for sharing (e.g., use of YouTube, etc.).

Please Note

Presenters must be registered members of OTESSA in order to present either synchronously or asynchronously. Please click or tap the button below to register as a member for 2020, then return to this page to complete the presenter sign-up form(s) of your choice.