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Sponsor Payment

Board Approval Required

Please note that all sponsorships must be approved by the board, so we encourage you to return to the payment process once you have been approved. This is to ensure the integrity of our association and that the values held by the association and our members are reflected in who we partner with. We look forward to hearing from you at

Payment via Bank Transfers or Cheques

We are happy to work with our approved sponsors to enable bank transfers to minimize overhead as PayPal does keep a small portion of the payments (approximately 3%). To process your contribution via bank transfer or cheque, please contact


Payment via PayPal

For those who prefer to use PayPal or credit card, we have provided the following payment form. Please note we have preset amounts for each sponsor level. Should you wish to contribute a custom amount, please let us know. 

Please select your sponsorship level (non-refundable)